All We Ever Wanted — Emily Giffin

Read Date: May 27, 2019Rating 3/5Format: E-bookWhen suburban-Nashville darling Finch Browning is accepted to Princeton, his parents Nina and Kirk are thrilled. To Nina's dismay, however, she discovers that Finch has made a serious mistake at a boozy house party that could not only have serious repercussions on his academic future, but could instill myriad [...]

When All Is Said — Anne Griffin

Date Read: May 11, 2019Rating: 4/5Format: Print BookEighty-four-year-old Maurice Hannigan has posted himself up at a hotel bar one evening with a plan in mind: thisevening he will drink a toast to five of the people he loved most.Maurice drinks to his older brother, his daughter, his sister-in-law, his son, and his wife, each with [...]

Our House — Louise Candlish

Read Date: May 1, 2019Rating: 4.5/5Format: E-book/Print BookWhen Fiona Lawson returns home early from an out of town getaway, she is greeted by a thoroughly confusing sight: two complete strangers are moving into her home. Told in three styles-- a podcast interview from Fi's perspective; a Word document from estranged husband Bram's perspective; and an [...]