All We Ever Wanted — Emily Giffin

Read Date: May 27, 2019Rating 3/5Format: E-bookWhen suburban-Nashville darling Finch Browning is accepted to Princeton, his parents Nina and Kirk are thrilled. To Nina's dismay, however, she discovers that Finch has made a serious mistake at a boozy house party that could not only have serious repercussions on his academic future, but could instill myriad [...]

When All Is Said — Anne Griffin

Date Read: May 11, 2019Rating: 4/5Format: Print BookEighty-four-year-old Maurice Hannigan has posted himself up at a hotel bar one evening with a plan in mind: thisevening he will drink a toast to five of the people he loved most.Maurice drinks to his older brother, his daughter, his sister-in-law, his son, and his wife, each with [...]

Beartown — Fredrik Backman

Read Date: May 3, 2019Rating: 5/5Format: Print Book"Culture is as much about what we encourage as what we permit."The smaller-than-small town of Beartown is home to very little and is dwindling with each passing year, but their potential saving grace comes in the form of the Beartown Bears hockey team, who has made it to [...]

Our House — Louise Candlish

Read Date: May 1, 2019Rating: 4.5/5Format: E-book/Print BookWhen Fiona Lawson returns home early from an out of town getaway, she is greeted by a thoroughly confusing sight: two complete strangers are moving into her home. Told in three styles-- a podcast interview from Fi's perspective; a Word document from estranged husband Bram's perspective; and an [...]