Pachinko — Min Jin Lee

Read Date: August 16, 2018
Rating: 5/5
Format: Print book

A page-turning multigenerational saga about a Korean family living in exile in Japan, Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko tells of heartbreak, sacrifice, faith, and loss. From the first page, the descriptive language creates a richly tangible atmosphere that proves reflective of a reality experienced from decade to decade, through hardship and triumph alike. Pachinko spans a range of historical conflict as well as intense internal and familial struggle; the reader is made cognizant of the echoes in today’s society of such key issues– class conflict, racism, immigration stigmas, etc.– in a poetic and beautifully haunting way. What’s more, Lee has created a world of strong women full of integrity and tenacity who will defy odds and stereotypes to provide for the men in their lives. An absolute must-read.

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