Young Jane Young — Gabrielle Zevin

Date Read: August 28, 2018Rating: 4/5Format: AudiobookEveryone loves a good comeback story, and the beauty of Gabrille Zevin's Young Jane Young is that it judiciously addresses the indiscretion that inevitably precedes said comeback. As an intern in a southern-Florida congressman's office, college student Aviva Grossman finds herself entwined in a torrid affair with none other [...]

A Fall of Marigolds — Susan Meissner

Read Date: August 22, 2018Rating: 3.5/5Format: E-bookTold in split narratives between an Ellis Island nurse in the aftermath of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and a woman widowed by the 9/11 attacks, A Fall of Marigolds uses a blazing marigold scarf to connect these vastly different-- and eerily similar-- ages, situations, and women, while exploring [...]

The Book of Essie — Meghan MacLean Weir

Read date: August 20, 2018Rating: 5/5Format: Print bookCaptivating from the first line, The Book of Essie tells of a reality TV preacher's daughter who grapples with a life-changing situation while striving for independence. Narrated from three different perspectives, the novel weaves a handful of other intense and richly developed storylines into the overarching plot and creates [...]

Alternate Side — Anna Quindlen

Read date: August 18, 2018Rating: 2.5/5Format: AudiobookQuindlen has woven a story of family and marriage, of race and class conflict, and of integrity and honesty. When a seemingly unprovoked act of violence intrudes in a calm, upper-class New York neighborhood, each resident on the block reacts in his or her own way. A promising plot [...]

Pachinko — Min Jin Lee

Read Date: August 16, 2018Rating: 5/5Format: Print bookA page-turning multigenerational saga about a Korean family living in exile in Japan, Min Jin Lee's Pachinko tells of heartbreak, sacrifice, faith, and loss. From the first page, the descriptive language creates a richly tangible atmosphere that proves reflective of a reality experienced from decade to decade, through hardship [...]