The Antiques — Kris D’Agostino

Read Date: April 15, 2018Rating: 3.5/5Format: AudiobookThe story of a dysfunctional family's reunion after the passing of the patriarch, D'Agostino's The Antiques is pleasantly entertaining. In form true to typical sibling interactions and livelihoods, each character exemplifies a vastly different archetype from the next. The development of the Westfall family as individuals and as a cohort [...]

Ready Player One — Ernest Cline

Read Date: April 9, 2018Rating: 5/5Format: Print BookThe tale of how a young man journeys through a colossal video game to find an easter egg that will procure him an eccentric billionaire's legacy and fortune, Ready Player One transports the reader to a both a different time and a different world. Cline's novel is creative and [...]