All By Myself, Alone — Mary Higgins Clark

Read Date: March 29, 2018Rating: 3/5Format: AudiobookMurder, scandal, and jewel theft drape the pages of this luxurious novel. A quick read, All By Myself, Alone hosts a myriad of intriguing and suspicious characters all present on a cruise ship: the perfect setting for a crime, no? While the story is interesting to play along with, there [...]

Small Great Things — Jodi Picoult

Read Date: March 28, 2018Rating: 4.5/5Format: E-bookAn incredibly charged saga of a workplace disagreement between an African American nurse and white supremacist patient and the subsequent aftermath. Picoult has crafted a vitally important novel for today's society; multiple facets of beliefs of race relations become human in her cast of characters. Readers may be made [...]

The Goldfinch — Donna Tartt

Read Date: March 19, 2018Rating: 5/5Format: Audiobook/Print BookA boy survives an accident that kills his mother but is able to drag himself-- and something else incredibly valuable-- out of the rubble. Tartt's Goldfinch is perpetually enthralling; the reader follows Theo through his nomadic youth and young adulthood, through challenges that the trauma of his childhood continue [...]

Sing, Unburied, Sing — Jesmyn Ward

Read Date: March 9, 2018Rating: 4.5/5Format: Print BookWith beautifully descriptive narrative, Ward depicts a portrait of a multi-generational, mixed family in the deep South. Her captivating novel addresses the reality of social differences and their lasting effects via shifting points of view, dialectical narration, and the intertwining of figures from the main characters' pasts. Sing, [...]

The Great Alone — Kristin Hannah

Read date: March 7, 2018Rating: 2.75/5Format: Print BookA PTSD-suffering Vietnam POW moves his family to remote Kaneq, Alaska to escape the-- in his opinion-- inevitable armageddon brewing in the Lower 49. Ernt is an extreme, troubled man, who is very largely enabled by his wife and her definition of a toxic love shared between the [...]

Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab Beetle — Columbkill Noonan

Read date: March 3, 2018Rating: 4.5/5Format: E-bookAn endearing character from the start, the mediocre detective Barnabas Tew is commissioned to find a missing Egyptian god and must maneuver through the (at times, deceptive) obstacle course of the gods to fulfill his task. Barnbas Tew reminds one of a lighthearted Poirot, with delightfully interjected humor and [...]