The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child — Francisco Jiménez

Read date: February 15, 2018Rating: 5/5Format: AudiobookPartially based on Jiménez's youth, The Circuit is comprised of detailed vignettes of a young boy's life experiences in southern California after his family flees the poverty of their Mexican town. Accessibly written and intermingled with occasional Spanish vocabulary, this collection of stories is gripping and humbling; it is [...]

The Nightingale — Kristin Hannah

Read date: July 25, 2017Rating: 5/5Format: Print bookHarrowing wartime conditions in occupied France are depicted with intensity; Vianne and Isabelle are remarkable women who are depicted both with immense strength and authentic humanity, growing and being shaped through the course of the novel. The strength and constant development of the characters is just one of [...]

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories — BJ Novak

Read date: November 26, 2017Rating: 5/5Format: Print bookEach story holds trademark BJ Novak humor and wit, but each holds so much depth as well. Novak's collection creates a thoroughly enjoyable and, at times, introspective collection that weaves in and out of itself and readers will look forward to picking up again.

And We’re Off — Dana Schwartz

Read date: June 14, 2017Rating: 4/5Format: Print book, Book of the Month Club editionA very enjoyable and quick YA read! As someone pursuing an artistic career as well, I found the novel to be very reminiscent of my own trip to Europe for work-with-some-additional-fun-on-the-side. The denouement is simultaneously expected and a great surprise-- a satisfying [...]