What Book Should You Pair With Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Here's something a little different to sweeten up your reading these days... the ultimate guide to Girl Scout Cookie and book pairing! Find your favorite cookie below for a new read!Do-si-dos: Frederik Backman's A Man Called Ove will be perfect for fans of these peanut butter sandwich cookies. Hard and crunchy on the outside with a genuine [...]

Forest Dark — Nicole Krauss

Read date: February 23, 2018Rating: 4/5Format: Audiobook/Print bookA young Brooklyn novelist and an aging Upper East Side lawyer each take parallel (note: unrelated) pilgrimages to Tel Aviv. Each becomes committed to aiding in a project that encourages them both to individually evaluate their personal lives and their relationships with Judaism. Beautifully written, the novel not [...]

Father, Mother — Herman Adér

Read date: February 21, 2018Rating: 4/5Format: E-bookGripping from the first chapter, Father, Mother is a poignant story dealing with the loss of one's parents and the journeying through their last weeks. The depiction of Mother, her experiences with dementia, and the residual effects on her children are incredibly moving. An additionally compelling element of the novella [...]

How to Find Love in a Book Shop — Veronica Henry

Read date: February 20, 2018Rating: 3.5/5Format: E-bookWhile Book Shop's plot is certainly a true titular reflection, the convergence of Henry's plethora of characters comes about in wholly natural and small-town ways. The picturesque Nightingale Bookshop acts as a means for its patrons both to find new love and restore love of the past. Several characters can [...]

Uncommon Type: Some Stories — Tom Hanks

Read date: February 19, 2018Rating: 4/5Format: Print book, Book of the Month editionRunning the gamut of time period, sentiment, and subject matter, this collection epitomizes the homey, sitting-around-the-campfire kind of story one would expect from (arguably) one of Hollywood's kindest personalities. Each story is endearing in its own fashion; each hold intricacies yet also soothing [...]

There Your Heart Lies — Mary Gordon

Read date: February 12, 2018Rating: 3/5Format: E-bookA daughter of privilege excommunicates herself from her pious Catholic family after an unforeseen personal tragedy and allies herself with the Communist army in the Spanish Civil War. The book jacket introduces a charged narrative full of much potential, but the novel itself struggles to deliver. Told in split [...]

Haroun and the Sea of Stories — Salman Rushdie

Read date: February 13, 2018Rating: 4/5Format: Print bookA young boy journeys through an exotic land with the help of some eccentric companions in order to help his father reignite his gift of storytelling. Rushdie's novel is a treat for all ages; it is filled with comedy, imagery, and internal parallels that captivate the reader from [...]